Custom Metal Badges Made to Your Design


Custom made die cast badges are a classic way in which to present your company or club logo in a stylish and desirable manner. For centuries metal badges have been "struck" to commemorate special events or to honour personal achievement. Available in a wide range of custom metal colour finishes you can have any logo, product or image turned into a long-lasting and much appreciated gift badge which costs far less than its apparent value. Custom metal badges can be either cast or die stamped. Die stamping gives the finest and clearest finish - it's the same technique used to mint coins. A die cast badge is a cheap option and only an expert would be aware of the small investment required to produce a lasting, hardwearing finished product.

    Using Custom Made Metal Badges In Marketing & Promotions

    Free Metal Badges Custom Design Service! If you're unsure how to turn your idea into a finished metal badge, give us a call and leave the rest to the metal badge manufacturers. We'll send you back a unique design for approval after discussing your requirements. A well designed metal badge looks more expensive than it is, which never hurts!. Used for recognition or appreciation gifts, long lasting and always appreciated, custom made metal badges are a great long-term investment in your visible image.

    Using Custom Metal Badges in Marketing?

    A metal badge can be placed in any desired location, and this will let these badges be seen from many different angles in terms of how they are used by the public. Each metal badge is made to last a lifetime or more, and when paired with the pricing and level of customisation, an ideal promotional situation is provided. Customising a metal badge will allow a company to represent their brand for a great length of time using only one affordable item. The low cost and high level of personalisation allows these badges to be affordable yet effective. Government officials, sports teams, those who promote entertainment, and people working in education are typically the main buyers of promotional metal badges, however they may work for a vast array of different industries. The ability to customise these badges allows them to efficiently market any type of brand working in any type of industry.

    A metal badge can help security around a professional building if these customised items are used as ID or security tags for employees. Also, a fashion brand may include a branded metal badge with the purchase of their new seasonal line of clothing as a promotion in retail locations. Sports teams may also use their own individual metal badges for a promotional game night to give to fans when supporting their team during a big match, or to commemorate a particular anniversary or event in the team's history.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Metal badges are made through a die stamping process with either zinc-alloy, copper, or brass as a metal option. Overly complex logos or crests will typically not make efficient metal badges, and one secret to effective metal badge use for promotion is to take more complex designs and simplify them to ensure a logo is able to be noticed as well from a glance as it is when it is looked at directly.Metal badges may be produced in 1 of 2 ways with a premium die struck option or through a process of custom moulding.

    Metal Badges Case Study

    One Australian charity used metal badges to gift those who contributed to their cause. These metal badges drew attention and excitement to the charity donation event, and the cost of the badge distribution was less than one percent of the amount of money the charity was able to raise for their cause.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Every metal badge is packaged individually within a shipment to allow companies or organisations to distribute easily. These products are light weight and have a low level of volume, and shipping these metal badges to anywhere in Australia has been found to cost around $20 or less.

    Metal Badges
    Minimal Price: $3.70