Promotional Travel Accessories & Gifts

Travel is one of the fastest growing industries so using promotional travel accessories can take your brand to places you'd never imagined. While travel is more accessible security issues have also become more important in the last decade. This may cause frustration and delays in some cases but for the canny marketer, these issues present an opportunity which can be solved using well thought-out promotional travel gifts. Giving a business contact a handy device of gadget which becomes part of their travel kit is a great way to get your message and branding noticed and the range of promotional travel gifts available here are all proven performers which will find a place in any business travellers's suitcase

    Using Travel Accessories in Marketing & Promotions

    There are custom travel accessories here to keep your luggage intact or to ease your way through customs and keep your paperwork in order. Keeping tabs on your bags and possessions in a foreign country is one of the most stressful issues facing the business traveller, so it makes sense that a marketer would offer a solution using well thought-out travel accessories which added to the travel experience. Handing out branded travel accessories is one way to get your logo seen around the world. The right travel accessory is a simple and effective way to win the appreciation of your clients while using them to catapult your company message into the upper atmosphere. With dozens of different styles available FreeCall 1800 129 999 to speak with an expert about sourcing the best promotional travel gifts for your next campaign, staff rewards program or value added promotional campaign.

    Why Use Travel Accessories In Marketing?

    An item that travels is an item that will be seen by limitless audiences, which is why these are some of the most efficient items in terms of marketing with promotional products. Travel accessories can serve any variety of needs, and many different accessories may be chosen from to suit a particular brand, but the one thing that is for certain is that as these items travel locally, or globally, other travellers will notice them and the branding they are adorned with.

    Those in the travel industry, hotel companies, or those in transportation can best appreciate the use of travel accessories in marketing, as their prime audiences will be those who enjoy travel and do it frequently for business or pleasure purposes. When a recipient uses or sees their branded item, they can also be reminded, in the midst of a trip, just what these brands are known for and what they do best.Travel accessories can range from the simple and affordable to items more complex and suited for executive or client gifts, and a brand may choose from a vast array of different travel accessories when finding just which may best suit their use and their brand. While one travel accessory may be appropriate to give out to guests or customers in large quantities, it may not be the item to use to impress a big client, and the variety that travel accessories offer allow all needs to be covered. Travel and leisure is one of the fastest growing industries in the world as it was through most of the 20th century. With leaps in transport technology, communications and down-scaling of costs travel is something available to every section of society. Travel is one of the three big winners from the internet business boom with prices and travel options improving by the year. While internet travel businesses have the advantage of global reach and measurable cost effectiveness, the personal touch can be lacking. Simply sourcing the right promotional travel products and gifting clients can make all the difference in securing long-term business from a single initial on-line transaction.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Depending on the specific travel accessories chosen, plastic, metal, woven nylon, or leather are just some of the manufacture material options that may be found in these items. These accessories vary greatly from luggage tags to travel scales, and each product is designed with convenience and usability in mind.For an affordable material and product choice option, toiletry bags and travel toothbrushes are two items sure to see a great deal of use by travellers. These items are made from plastic materials and are able to be branded using a full colour screen printing process. There are several different printing methods that may be used on these accessories, and the manufacture material will determine which method may best suit the product. For the metal accessories often used as executive gifts, laser engraving may be used to engrave a brand logo into the surface of the item, while something made of nylon may be screen printed. For all products, no matter the material, the branding areas are always strategically placed in a visible location.

    Promotional Campaign Case Study

    A touring band with a large global following gifted fan club members with a branded luggage tag bearing the band's logo that they could use while catching their desired shows on tour. The luggage tags were to be included in their yearly sign-up package, and they were soon spotted in airports and train stations all across the country as the start of the tour commenced. Fans even used these tags to identify other fans while travelling to different concert venues.

    Shipping & Distribution Options

    Smaller or lighter weight travel accessories are easy and inexpensive to ship, however larger items should be hand distributed to avoid unnecessary cost.

    Travel Accessories
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