Torches & Flashlights Custom Logo Branded


Illuminate your marketing plans using promotional torches and flash lights. These handy household helpers which can often save the day. Either in the car, the home or the office there's always a use for a custom branded torch. the range available here includes options suitable for use by professions such as security through to novelty items and eco friendly light producers which don't require batteries. Whatever you're after there's a flashlight branding and budgetary point which will match your promotional plans. A gift of a promotional torch is something which can one day save a client's day. Beyond the obvious utility and practical value which is inherent in a torch or flashlight providing a gift which can assist in a difficult situation or an emergency can leverage your investment into a heightened level of visibility

    Promoting Your Company with Promotional Torches & Flashlights

    A high quality torch is something that is kept in nearly every home, and workspace or vehicles may even have their own handy torches as well. When experiencing a power outage, walking about, or working in a dimly lit area, a torch can provide both convenience and safety to its user, as they are made to provide both functional and portable light in a variety of different situations. When branding is placed on a torch, not only can a brand market themselves to their consumers, but they can show a level of caring as well. When the consumer feels as though a brand cares about their safety and their wellbeing, they will naturally feel better about doing business with the particular company, and branded torches have the ability to place a company’s name into a positive place in the mind.

    For construction, mining, and other industries that may have employees working in poorly lit conditions, torches can be a necessity. A branded torch in these situations gives an employee a way to stay safe while performing their job, as they also help to spread awareness and create exposure for the brand. Branded torches can be very inexpensive items, allowing brands to spend less while marketing themselves in a particularly effective way.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Steel, aluminium, and plastic materials are the three most common manufacture options for branded torches, and these offer affordability, durability, and longevity. A torch should remain usable for a significant length of time, and they should be reliable enough to be counted on in safety situations, making these enduring materials an ideal choice in their manufacture. LED bulbs will often be used to light these torches, and the choice of this type of bulb gives the torches an efficient bright light as well as a convenient eco-friendly factor. LED lights are long lasting, so they will not need frequent replacement, and their light output is significantly higher than traditionally used standard bulbs.

    For metal bodied torches, laser engraving is the most popular branding option, and this gives a brand a way to place their logo into the material used on the torch. Laser engraved branding will also often remain visible for the entire lifetime of the product. For plastic bodied torches, pad printing can place a coloured brand image or logo onto the body of the torch to attract the eye and help to create effective brand exposure.

    Promotional Torch Case Study

    A paving company working on public roads offered branded torches to all employees working during the night doing paving repairs. The employees were thankful for the torches, as they found that their work appeared cleaner and more even when they were able to perform their tasks in optimal light conditions.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    In smaller quantities, torches of all materials may be able to be shipped affordably and conveniently. With heavier torches made of metal materials, these items are best hand distributed when a large number of recipients are expected to be reached.

    Minimal Price: $2.00