Promotional Sewing Kits Custom Printed

Everyone loses a button or the hem or needs running repairs on occasion, that's why promotional sewing kits are a must have item for executives or those on the move. Ideal for marketing your company, everyone is a prospect though the effectiveness is focussed when applied to industries which mass produce and distribute personal attire. Though many unrelated businesses like businesses like car dealers, and insurance companies choose custom branded sewing kits when they are looking for a cost effective promotional gift which opens doors and builds relationships.

    Using Sewing Kits in Marketing & Promotions

    The range of different kit styles ranges from those for travellers through to emergency sewing kits along with a selection of colour options which will enhance or support and branding application. Hotels and clothing brands use promotional sewing kits regularly because experience has proven a personal sewing kit is both useful and highly visible. No matter your business, it's worth a look at the sewing kits range. The Fresh Promotions staff is always on hand to talk you though the selection process, or offer advice on how to sew a button before your next meeting.

    Why Sewing Kits Are So Popular

    No matter where a person may be, or what they may be wearing, a wardrobe malfunction can happen at any time. Often, people will find themselves lost in an embarrassing situation without the tools they need to remedy their problem, but this can be avoided with a handy sewing kit. By branding and distributing sewing kits, a company in the industry of fashion, tailoring, or crafts can let their audiences know just how much they care while simultaneously spreading word of their brand to the masses.

    Small sewing kits will often be kept in purses, pockets, or vehicles, as these are the places where one can keep them close at hand should they become needed, and this also gives them an excellent portability factor. When a branded item is able to be kept portable, it has the potential to be seen by a much vaster audience than what may have once been anticipated, thereby spreading word of a brand longer distances than one could have ever imagined. As a person uses their kit in the car, at the office, or at a party, others around them will be able to see and recognise the branding strategically placed on each item. Sewing kits are typically affordable, and this also provides convenient marketing benefits. When a promotional item is kept inexpensive, it can be distributed to more recipients without breaking a marketing budget, and this can lead to a very satisfying price to exposure ratio.

    Custom Sewing Kit Manufacture & Branding

    Sewing kits are small items, and the tools held inside are typically encased in plastic or metal materials compact type of case. These cases may come in a wide range of different colours, and their contents will vary from kit to kit. Some of the most commonly found tools in sewing kits are needles, thread, buttons, small scissors, and pins to allow for any emergency on the go sewing job to be done as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, while keeping the kit small enough to remain portable.

    Pad printing is the most commonly used method of branding on these promotional sewing kits, and this allows a brand to have a single or multiple colour design of their choosing applied directly onto the case of each product. The print area reserved for branding will typically be on the front of each case to ensure it remains visible during all stages of use.

    Marketing Case Study

    A bridal store gave small sewing kits to brides and bridesmaids who came into their store to purchase dresses or have their dresses altered. The patrons of the store not only appreciated the sewing kits as a complimentary gift, but they also appreciated the gift showed just how much the staff cared about their dresses looking their best during their big day. While many of the kits didn't need to be used for the dresses purchased, recipients reported keeping and using them for many years after.

    Shipping & Distribution of Sewing Kits

    Sewing kits may be hand distributed or shipped across Australia in an easy and affordable fashion. For a more personal presentation, hand distribution is often recommended.

    Sewing Kits
    Minimal Price: $3.00