Promotional Mints Custom Print Personalised


Who out there doesn't enjoy promotional mints? At the top of the tree when it comes to general levels of confectionery appreciation, custom mints are not only are they sweet and tasty, but proven client gifts and attention demanding giveaways which keep your image exactly where you want it in the corporate stakes or around the office. The huge range of different mint styles and packaging options is bound to include a custom branded mints product which will do the trick for your next event or promotion. From classic brands like Mentos through to generic mint cards which slip into your pocket or wallet like a credit card, one of the dozens of different tempting styles is certain to suit your requirements.

    Using Mints in Marketing & Promotions

    A mint is a classic refreshment piece, and all types of individuals enjoy a bit of refreshment during the course of their day. Branded mints are not only sharable, but portable and convenient as well, allowing brands to provide an item to their recipients which they are sure to use and likely to expose to others. When a person takes out their mint tin, roll, or box, they will often offer a mint to whomever they may be dining or enjoying time with, and if the mints are branded, these products will be able to serve a dual purpose. Not only will they be able to provide worthwhile refreshment to a friend, relative, or colleague, but they will expose the branding placed on the mints to these individuals as well, inadvertently placing the brand into a positive place in the minds of the consumer.

    Branded mints can be used for marketing many different types of brands, but those in the hospitality or restaurant businesses will often most appreciate their use. A person will typically reach for a mint after a meal or beverage, and promotional mints are able to seamlessly fit into the context of the businesses that provide these things to their consumers. For instance, a restaurant may want to provide these mints to potential new guests to enjoy after dinner, giving them not only an appreciated post-meal treat, but a way to remember the restaurant positively as well.

    Mints Manufacture & Branding

    Promotional mints can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours, and colours, and the packaging is what will typically hold the majority of the marketing impact. For a branded mint variety meant to reach, and inform, as many recipients as possible, a mint card may be most effective. These mint cards are affordable and act as something of a business card containing mints inside, which a recipient may be able to access by opening one of the card’s corners.

    For a display piece to hold promotional mints, a box, tin, or jar is often very effective, and while less portable, these are made and branded to catch the eye while resting on a desk or table space. These made be made from metals, plastics, or glass depending on a brand’s taste and budget. Whether a person chooses a small mint roll, or large mint tin, branding is always placed in a highly visible location to give the brand a front seat for attention. Digital printing and pad printing are the most common methods of custom branding, and this may be done directly to the surface of a package or applied via label or sticker.

    Promotional Mints Case Study

    At a conference, a small tech company used a large promotional jar of mints in an attempt to attract new clients to their brand. The clear glass jar was full of mints, and guests to their table were given the opportunity to guess the amount of mints in the jar in order to win the mints as well as a gift certificate for their services. The fun game wound up setting them apart from other businesses at the event, bringing a large number of attendees over to their area to learn more about the company.

    Shipping & Distribution

    The size of the container of mints will determine how easily and affordably they may be shipped, with smaller containers remaining more convenient and less expensive in terms of travelling vast distances.

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