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Custom made medallions have been used for centuries as awards and mementos. They're still as popular as ever and one of the best value and most sought after custom branded products available. Whether it's custom medallions as a staff award offering, or custom made medals for sports clubs and community groups there are few other ideas which offer high apparent value, exclusivity longevity. Medallions are available in a wide range of metal finishes and enamel colours with custom shapes and sizes available across the whole range.

    Custom Made Medallions Features and Custom Options

    • Shipping: Freight costs for your medallion orders depends on address and will be included in official quote. Freight shipped with TNT or Startrack Express Australia wide.
    • Branding Area: Depends on the size of your design. Our design experts will make sure your medallion looks great
    • Custom Branding: Up to 4 enamel colours and your choice of medallion metal colour finishes are included in prices shown
    • Colours: Your choice of up to 4 enamel colours and metal finish colour in every design
    • Production Lead Time: 4 weeks to 6 weeks from order confirmation
    • Set-Up Charge: Add $145 (ex. GST)
    • Charities & Community Groups: Special medallion prices are available for charities and community groups. Call 1800 129 999 to learn more
    • Indent Orders: Do you have extra time? Order over 2,500 Custom Medallions with an extended lead time and save up to 25% on the prices shown above
    • Custom Manufacture: Ring 1800 129 999 if you want to know more about the custom design process. We also manufacture custom coins to order which make great commemorative gifts with a high apparent value similar to medallions
    • Branding and Artwork: Our design team will make sure your branding appears to best effect on your finished medallion design
    • Custom Manufacture: Custom manufacture with custom elements, can be produced with extra lead time. Call or email now to discuss your custom requirements
    • Call Right Now!: FreeCall 1800 129 999 8:00am - 5:00pm AEST

    Using Custom Medallions in Marketing & Promotions

    • When you order here you're dealing with a custom medallions manufacturer with decades of experience. If you're celebrating a special event or commemorating your team, company, or club milestone a medallion produced cast metal with enamel colour finish is a cost-effective and lasting memento. With reverse and obverse side branding available you can twice the branding value. As always our medallion experts are here to offer design and material advice so you're guaranteed to receive a finished custom product which everyone appreciates.

    • Custom made medallions help you remember and celebrate; a sports team, a military group, or a business milestone. Our FREE design service takes all the problems out of design and manufacture. Call Fresh now and talk to one of our experts about how you can have your idea turned into a finished product your clients and fellow club members will treasure for a lifetime.

    • Free Design Service for all Custom Medallions

    • If your company or organisation is looking to commemorate or celebrate an achievement or milestone there are few better options than having custom medallions produced. The selection of medallion styles available here allows you to find dozens of ways to use these long-lasting and cost-effective marketing tools to enhance your company image and reward staff and supporters. Choosing custom medallions guarantees you a genuinely unique item by which they can remember your company. There's a full medallion style selection in all shapes and sizes, and they are all customisable for your needs, regardless of what you have in mind. From custom sports to commemorative medallions, there is plenty that you can find and the final price is certain to be less than you might expect.

    • Custom made medallions are a unique choice and will make sure that people remember you because it's not just another pen or business card. Check out the selection for yourself to see what you can find as a medallion or custom made medal is a proven way to reward special achievements, memorable occasion, special events or for commemorating certain things throughout your business' operation. It's worth it to look at these medals and see what you can get, including the Free Design Service available for all orders.

    • Try Something Different - Promote Your Brand With Medallions

    • Custom medallions re a distinct departure from the usual run of branded ideas. The entire shape, size, and appearance of the item are custom designed and manufactured to reflect your company's logo and image. Include your company name, logo, the year, the name of the event where you're distributing the item, or any number of other details. Your custom medallions have the chance to become a one-of-a-kind collectible item. These medallions are the perfect promotional accessory for any kind of event.

    Minimal Price: $6.10