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2015 at Fresh Promotions

Welcome Back to 2015!

As the recent memories of days at the beach and an excess of personal consumption starts to blur and fade into background memory we find ourselves back at our desks looking forward to another year of business. Like every other year before the imperative to build relationships with our clients and extend the influence of our business tentacles more widely is the driving force behind the daily work we complete. And there is no reason that 2015 will be any less a year where promotional merchandise fills the gaps in your company's marketing and communications strategies. Underlying the usual round of business dealings is the personal relationships which in the end are the cement which hold together the edifice of business dealings. There is no better way known to marketers than offering gifts and personal incentives to business contacts as a way of strengthening relationships and showing our respect for each other.

Over the holiday season the promotional blogger was reminded yet again of the power and influence the act of gift giving has in all societies and how we can trace through history the simple acts of offer and acceptance have strengthened bonds between nations and individuals. As the baby jesus lay in his manger the three wise men who had travelled a long dangerous route are said to have bestowed gifts upon the infant. As a mark of respect and appreciation the wise men agreed amongst themselves that physical gifts were the best testament they could offer of their respect though the recipient was humbly born and swaddled and by their understanding too young and lacking in awareness to appreciate the value of the offerings he received. And yet, the gifts are still today remembered as symbols if the reverence and respect in which they held the recipient.

While it may be drawing a long bow to include some business clients in the same blog entry as the baby jesus the situation you may find yourself in dealing with clients includes a range of valid associations. Unlike the three rich gifts offered by the wise men your promotional products offering has the advantage of also saying something about your company and including the contact details and message you wish to convey just in case they forget who it is that cares about them so much.

So in this New Year with all its emerging possibilities and opportunities do not forget the decision of those three wise men in history, who when realising the need to make an impact and express the profound respect offered physical gifts. They did not make elaborate promises or proclaim their feelings. They let the simple act of offering a gift speak for itself. Now two thousand years later it's still commonly discussed. In marketing terms that is a great return on investment. Remember, as the wise men did, that contrary to our shallow understanding and instinct it is better for the bottom line to give than to receive. Make sure in 2015 promotional items are part of your marketing program as the long-term effects of the relationships they build can last a lifetime and beyond.

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