Marketers are always looking for the ultimate product which has broad appeal and an extremely low unit cost. In this respect promotional mints have to be close to the solution to this age old dilemma. Not only are mints popular with almost everyone they are a low cost solution which can be used in a wide range of business situations. The wide range of pack styles and the high level branding opportunities which are available make these classic cost effective personal gifts a must have item for personal marketing.

 Say your company has spent a lot of money on a trade show stand and wants to maximise the return on investment. A simple and proven way in which to attract more people to your display and keep them there for longer with a higher level of engagement is to hand out promotional confectionery to attendees. And amongst the most widely popular items available in the confectionery category are the different styles of mints. there’s a pack type and a product style for every marketing opportunity. Whether it’s small branded packs of mints or promotional mint cards you’ll find the different options cover all needs.

 The classic promotional mint card has become one of the most popular ways in which people use mints. The fact that the sugar free mints are supplied in a handy business card sized receptacle which has high level branding included. The fact you can choose from a wee range of card colours and add your custom message so it can’t be missed are all reasons to find some room in your marketing budget for mint cards. You can even use them as a business card by printing them with all your contact details and the information people need about your products and services. You can be sure when somebody receives your business card full of mints they will pay attention and that your offering will be kept close at hand. There’s even a good change they’ll want to see you again and get a refill!

 The large scale opportunity for branding available on mint packs and mint cards is one of the main reasons they are such popular promotional items. You an print anything you like on your order of mints so you can develop a message which plays off the product and adds value to your marketing. Think about how your company can use mints and what messaging will tie your products and services with these popular confectionery items.

For salespeople and cold callers offering mints to people is a way to get a foot in the door and continue to get access. Handing out packets of mints to receptionists and business contacts keeps them on side so when they se you coming next time people will be happy to see you. it’s amazing how such a simple device which costs so little has such a powerful affect. It could be something to do with the childhood memories we all have of enjoying lollies and sweets so there is a strong emotional connection with mints and other types of confectionery which strengthens the effect which comes from using them in brand marketing.